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Loving you, loving me: O.TAJE brand presents a drop for Valentine’s Day

Loving you, loving me: O.TAJE brand presents a drop for Valentine’s Day

If I truly love one person, I love all people,

I love the world, I love life.

Erich Fromm, ‘The Art of Loving’

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, there’s a desire for even more hugs, a feeling of warmth, and beauty all around. Celebrating love, the O.TAJE brand presents a new drop to remind you: love for someone else always begins with self-love, and self-love begins with the ability to understand and accept yourself.

Brand has created this special drop, focusing on the moods that the holiday brings. For some, it’s about tenderness, tactility, and a sense of lightness and playfulness. For others, it’s about passion, boldness, and unveiled desires. The Valentine’s Day story from O.TAJE is for all of you, where everyone will find something of their own.

Items from the new drop will be great for both celebrations and as truly practical and functional wardrobe-essentials. One of the new additions from O.TAJE is a viscose midi skirt available in two shades: powder pink and fuchsia. The brand suggests pairing it with lightweight sweaters in matching tones, creating a ready-to-wear monochrome look.

Highlights of the drop include the STORMI braided sweater, a knitwear bestseller of the season now available in a soft pink shade, and the semi-transparent MARCY dress in fuchsia color, designed to capture attention.

STORMI sweater
MARCY dress

Revealing the theme of Valentine’s Day, O.TAJE also speaks of the depth of feelings and elegance, offering a more restrained and sophisticated look in contrast to the romantic pink. In particular, these are midi dresses in lactic, black, red, and chocolate shades, basic black midi skirts, suit sets, and tops with an open shoulder line.

No matter what this holiday means for you, you will still find items in the collection that speak of care, depth, and tenderness – first of all, to yourself. To love is to feel alive. The new drop from O.TAJE is about the maximum feeling of life and love in all its shades.

The drop is available on the website starting from February 7th.

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