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Black & White: O.TAJE brand presents the second drop of SS’24 about the integrity and strength of principles


Personal values and individual rules of the game, everyone has their views on life, its important and less significant parts. But what connects us all is the desire for integrity from the outside and from the inside. Inspired by strong women who know what they want, where they are headed, and what they need, O.TAJE brand presents the second drop of SS’24.

THORA dress
CELINA dress

The new drop from the brand is about calm basic colors and refined silhouettes. Without unnecessary details, focusing on lines and shapes, SS’24 O.TAJE presents looks that won’t scream with brightness or a desire to prove something. It’s a black and white story of the brand for women who have found their integrity, and clothing will only enhance them and serve as a background for everyday confidence.

When we talk about integrity, we also mean important principles that we accept for ourselves. For O.TAJE customers, one of the main principles and values ​​is to choose quality, to choose the best for oneself. And also choose to make this world better every day.

Embracing this value, the brand used new materials in its latest drop — organic, undyed cotton. This is another step for O.TAJE towards sustainable fashion. The brand utilizes organic materials and creates items not for a season, but as a permanent and practical basis.

While working on the new drop, we have used organic undyed cotton for the first time. For us, this is a step towards sustainability and a reflection of our brand’s and customers’ values. When quality and materials are more important than quantity. When you firm to your principles, including those related to environmental production, and put maximum effort into it, – said the brand founders, Anastasiia Oksak and Yana Stetsenko.

In SS’24, the brand presented concise tops with various necklines, including halter-inspired 90s necklines, expanded the textile line with a snow-white set of a shirt and pants, and also added to the assortment of dresses — a semi-transparent maxi dress with a loose silhouette and long sleeves, as well as a concise yet intriguing dress with a halter neckline that accentuates the figure. A special place in the collection is occupied by a two-color maxi dress adorned with buttons — a comfortable and elegant option for the first really warm days.

The most functional novelty for the heat from O.TAJE is lace pants and a shirt sets, made of a special knit and presented in two shades: black and lactic. These colors became the main ones in SS’24.

The brand used a rich green  — bright, fresh, and confident as a drop’s color accent.

CELINA dress


The new SS’24 drop is available on the website starting April 10th.

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