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Women’s clothing of the Ukrainian manufacturer

The philosophy of O.TAJE

It was not easy to buy women’s clothing from a Ukrainian manufacturer even a dozen years ago. The choice of stylish and modern clothes was not wide and varied enough. Today, there are more and more local brands that shape modern Ukrainian fashion. The creative team of OTAJE is proud to be among those who contribute to the development of this industry.

Today’s fashion trends allow you to create clothes that are both attractive and practical. In our collections, we embody the idea of feminine comfort. What does it mean? This means that elegant, refined and stylish clothes can be soft and pleasant to the touch. At the stage of the idea of creating a brand, we unanimously decided to use knitwear for the production of clothes. Our choice is based on the special characteristics of the material, in particular, elasticity, elasticity and breathability.
Having chosen the material, we proceeded to the development of models. In the process of design research, our inspired team came up with the idea of laying in each thing the same invisible foundation that will unite all the elements of our assortment. Thanks to this decision, the brand acquired recognizable features and characteristics, and customers got the opportunity to successfully combine outfits from different collections.
Our goal is to create wardrobe items that people want to be inspired by, not just buy. Women’s clothing from the manufacturer Otaje is represented by a collection of unusual basic items with intriguing accents, in the form of cutouts and knitted decorative elements. We constantly experiment with both shape and texture, as well as color. The assortment includes items of bright and juicy colors, deep dark shades, fresh cold and classic colors.

Stylish women’s clothing from the manufacturer O.TAJE: assortment and features

In our online store, you can buy women’s clothing from the manufacturer Otaje, which is represented by a diverse assortment that will be appropriate in any circumstances. For the warm season, you will find shorts, tops and dresses, and for summer evenings, light cardigans are perfect. Choose warm knitted jumpers, suits and scarves for the cold season. Golf shirts, vests and shirts can be purchased for the off-season. We use quality proven raw materials such as wool, cotton and viscose to manufacture products. Comfortable materials will give you a feeling of coziness and comfort at different times of the year. The brand’s assortment includes clothes for both those who prefer everyday clothes and for fans of extravagant stylistic solutions. Fans of loose-fitting clothes will prefer straight wide trousers and coarse-knit sweaters, while fans of tight-fitting clothes will definitely appreciate unusual dresses, suits and bodysuits. The Otaje catalog presents models without decoration for lovers of restrained images, and for those who want to attract attention, we have prepared interesting styles with non-trivial cuts.

Online store of Ukrainian designer clothes

In the modern variety of models and brands, it is difficult to find really stylish and high-quality women’s clothing. You can always expect the highest standards of production and service from the manufacturer “Otazh”. Our team strives to enter the world market and compete with foreign brands – so we must be the best of the best. One of our goals is to show Ukrainian fashion to the whole world and draw attention to national features. That is why we created the Ukraine collection, the elements of which are decorated with delicate embroidery. Women’s clothing from the manufacturer Otaje will continue to be produced taking into account national characteristics and the Ukrainian lifestyle. Our mission is to create clothes that will delight and inspire Ukrainian women, as well as to tell the whole world what it means to dress in the Ukrainian way.

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