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EASTER DROP: Holiday Mini-Drop by O.TAJE


Every year, we have a tradition to gather as a family around one table to celebrate one of the brightest holidays, Easter. It’s a holiday of light, the celebration of resurrection, the triumph of good over evil. For this holiday, O.TAJE brand has prepared two special projects — festive sets with paska (Easter bread) and lace napkins in collaboration with Zavertailo, which are already available for purchase on the website, and today we are presenting the Easter Mini Drop.

Easter is a bright and solemn holiday. The brand wanted to recreate its atmosphere and highlight the mood in the new drop, focusing on classic silhouettes and light shades.

Top, Skirt and Cardigan NOVA
MUSE dress

The Easter drop includes four items — a dress, cardigan, top, and skirt — they combine well with each other and look good as separate wardrobe pieces. Items made in creamy color with black accent decor and special lace knitting, these garments are all about delicacy and a special occasion.

The brand offered its own vision of a festive Easter look: bright, like the holiday itself, yet restrained. The knitting, reminiscent of traditional ornaments, adds a touch of uniqueness to the clothing and combines traditions with modernity. The brand suggests complementing the sleeveless top with a trendy pleated skirt or choosing a complete look with a mini dress, using the classic cardigan as a top layer.

“Easter is a special holiday. It’s about faith, traditions, and the connection between generations. Easter traditions teach us that life is the greatest value. Goodness and light always win. We really wanted to create an outfit for you in which you would feel this connection with tradition and the solemnity of the holiday,” commented the brand founders, Anastasiia Oksak and Yana Stetsenko.


The Easter drop is available on the website starting from April 24th.

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