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Bound by the power of tradition: Easter collaboration O.TAJE x Zavertaylo


Every year, we have a tradition to gather as a family around one table and celebrate one of the brightest holidays, Easter. It’s a celebration of light, of Resurrection, the holiday of the victory of good over evil.

O.TAJE x Zavertailo is a special project, a gift to you for the holidays, to make this day brighter, and more beautiful, to fill it with warmth and love. Delicious paska (Easter bread), delicate decor, special symbolism in patterns, and the warmth of hands created these products for you.

Today, more than ever, we appreciate what we have and where we come from. We value our traditions that make us who we are. We revive what is in the DNA of every Ukrainian. In Ukraine, pysanky art is a distinct form of art. The pysanka is one of the cultural symbols of the country. The collaboration is based on ornaments of Ukrainian pysanky, comment the brand’s founders, Anastasiia Oksak and Yana Stetsenko.

In festive sets that contain paska and decorative napkins O.TAJE x Zavertaylo, the brands replicated the signs and patterns that were applied to Easter eggs in ancient times. Back then, people believed that these symbols had special power. The pysanka ornament, a creation of a millennia-old tradition, still speaks of unique energy, faith, and meanings.

The cross and its variations, once a symbol of the earth god and representing the four cardinal directions, are now an even more powerful symbol of Christianity. The pine is a sign of earthly vegetation, renewal, and rebirth.

Images of the sun were the most popular across the entire ethnic territory of Ukraine, as the cult of the Sun was the most important for our ancestors. The image of the sun,  symbolized life and the cycle of nature. The same pattern was transferred onto the chocolate decoration for the special paska (Easter bread): with poppy seed filling in milk chocolate capsules and maraschino cherries.

The paska and lace napkins are available for order on the website @zavertailo.kyiv or

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