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O.TAJE brand presents a Pre-Fall’23 collection about women’s power and the courage to be yourself


The new autumn season is traditionally associated with acceleration, new breath, and new purpose. O.TAJE brand presents the Pre-Fall’23 collection to remind that no matter how you change your direction, no matter where you are going, it is important to be brave, strong, and remain yourself.

The brand reflected this message in a stylized photo shoot — about movement, speed, and a sense of freedom, about women’s power, which always comes from the inside, and clothes can only emphasize it. During the shoot, the O.TAJE team was inspired by the aesthetics of the 90s and at the same time gave their vision of a modern strong woman.

The main part of the collection consists of elegant and concise knitted dresses, basic tops, and jumpers. The textile lineup of O.TAJE has been expanded to include mini skirts (pleated and wrap-around) and a cropped shirt. The brand maintained the absolute basic nature of the garments while simultaneously adding accents: through silhouettes, colors, and interplay of textures.

The highlight of the collection is a sophisticated cardigan with a deep V-neckline and wide sleeves and a full-cover maxi dress.

O.TAJE turned to the traditional colors of autumn – gray, beige, and black. But the main color of the collection is rich red. The color of strength, the color of femininity, the color of determination.

“Every autumn season is like a fresh start for us. We aimed for this collection to be vibrant, strong, and inspiring. We continued to experiment with textiles and added new pieces and unusual silhouettes. This collection was created to provide confidence and courage, to strengthen what is already within each woman,” commented the founders of the brand, Anastasia Oksak and Yana Stetsenko.

The Pre-Fall ’23 O.TAJE collection is now available on the website.

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