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ALL ABOUT YOU: O.TAJE brand presents the second drop of the FW’23/24 season


On the eve of really cold days and warmer than ever hugs, the O.TAJE brand presents the second part of the FW’23/24 collection, filled with accent and at the same time basic essentials of the Fall-Winter season.

The new drop includes items that will not only form the basis of the seasonal wardrobe but also set the mood, provide absolute comfort, and coziness. These are pieces for everyone: strong and tender, sensitive and bold, in love or self-made, always unique. And also about the fact that everything always starts with you and your self-care: the ability to listen to yourself and understand, to address your needs and choose what what is really yours.

The main part of the entire FW’23/24 and the new drop, in particular,is the brand’s traditional knitwear. The brand repeated its iconic best-selling models in new shades and also added the knitted base in new shapes, styles, and colors (green, red, ocher, chocolate). The absolute must-have of the season — the sweater — the brand recreated in current styles: a voluminous sweater with braids, a model with a zipper, stylish crop tops and fluffy sweaters in grey and soft beige shades. O.TAJE has expanded the color palette of laconic ribbed longsleeves and turtlenecks, which have been favorites of the brand’s customers for several seasons.

The brand has also expanded its range of dresses, which have already become its trademark. Seasonal favorites, long-sleeve maxi dresses, have been presented by O.TAJE in trendy FW’23/24 colors: chocolate, ocher, khaki, and pastel lactic. In addition to the colors, textures, knitting, and the silhouette of each item have become accentuating features.

O.TAJE continues to work on its textile line to meet the customer’s need for a complete wardrobe. This time, the brand has presented elegant sets with lightweight blouses and midi skirts – a perfect balance of femininity, soft strength, and comfort.

We wanted to make this season special. Give everyone not just cool basic items that will warm you, but clothes that will lift your mood, give you confidence, be cozy, and at the same time very stylish. This new drop is about absolute femininity, deep colors, about the best tactile sensations for the body. When there is not enough warmth, knitwear is like a warm hug. And we made sure that in these embraces you were not only comfortable but also beautiful and stylish, commented the founders of the brand Anastasia Oksak and Yana Stetsenko.

The new FW’23/24 drop is available on from October 3rd.

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