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CELEBRATING YOU & O.TAJE: Brand birthday


October is a special month for our brand because in October 2014 we first met you.

It’s hard to imagine, but it all began with just one single dress. In 2015, two best friends, Anastasia and Yana, decided to start their own business:  to create feminine and comfortable everyday clothes. Basic, but with a twist.

And the first thing they created was the perfect and incredibly cozy knitwear dress. But in different shades (imagine, there were 21 of them!). To suit any taste, any mood, and occasion.

And today, our brand’s standout feature remains the wide range of products. Vibrant colors, quality, and versatile designs—what our customers immediately loved about O.TAJE.

We love to provide you with quality basics, but we also aim for them to be interesting and accentuate your individuality. That’s why we always add unique details to laconic pieces. We’re for individuality and uniqueness.

It’s no coincidence that pearls are the symbol of our brand—there are no two pearls in nature that are exactly the same in shape. Each one is unique, just like our customers and the items we create for you every day.

You and O.TAJE are a love at first touch, from the first fitting, and the first favorite item in your wardrobe. And we are happy to celebrate the brand’s birthday together.

We are glad that you are with us. We appreciate that you always come back to us.

Let’s celebrate together! For our brand’s birthday, we are giving gifts to those we work for—our beloved customers. Visit the website, click on our festive pearl machine. In each one, there are hidden pleasant gifts: discounts on shopping or our limited novelties — jewelry and home decor.

We decided to give you even more warmth and coziness this cold season. We’ve launched a limited line of jewelry and home goods for our brand’s birthday. They are all about the boundless feeling of comfort, like in the arms of your loved ones. About tactility, tenderness, comfort, and love for everything that surrounds you.

The limited edition O.TAJE throw is designed to provide a sense of home wherever you are. Warmth, comfort, coziness, tenderness. These feelings should always be with you, even when they’re not outside your window.

We want you to remember, even in the coldest times, that warmth and comfort can always be found inside. And create for yourself an outer world with O.TAJE. O.TAJE’s limited candles are about the moment when you want to relax, breathe, free yourself from the hustle, and find harmony. We’ve chosen two scents that will best support you in this.

Fresh woody: it’s the forest, silence, crackling fire, and warm embraces. An aroma that embodies coziness and unity with nature, a reminder that you are a part of it. Unique, alive, ever-changing.

Cashmere: a scent that feels like you can touch it. Tactile, balanced, cozy. It envelops you with warmth, giving you the feeling that you are in the best place on Earth. You’re at home.

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