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UNITED: O.TAJE brand presents a limited drop for Independence Day


Independence is not something gained once and forever. It’s what everyone fights for every day: with every decision and choice, with their voice, and with their weapon. This year, we are celebrating Independence Day again in the conditions of struggle but united: with our faith, traditions, and love for our country. For this holiday, the O.TAJE brand has prepared a unique drop called UNITED, symbolizing our unity.

The limited collection includes two sweatshirts — the men’s OREST and the women’s ORYNA — fully adorned with embroidery from different regions of our country. “We chose the embroidery with special care and tried to organically combine it in the garment. Each design is unique, just as we all are. But together,  it is an incredible symbiosis, it is unity and strength. Now we are united like never before. With a belief in victory, a belief in our traditions and roots, and a desire to help on all levels. This drop, which is also charitable, is our contribution, our vision of Ukrainian embroidery culture in a modern interpretation,” commented the brand’s founders Anastasia Oksak and Yana Stetsenko.

The preparation for this drop included not only the creative component but also a thorough study of Ukraine’s history. The brand chose to focus on the regional origins of embroidery, as the boundaries of the modern administrative-territorial divisions can encompass several historical and ethnographic regions — each with its unique clothing, culture, and embroidery characteristics. Ukrainian embroidery boasts around 200 techniques that have evolved over generations through a lengthy creative process. There are various techniques, ranging from archaic to more recent ones, all of which contribute to the development of Ukrainian culture and craftsmanship.

The brand united Volyn Polissya, Bukovina, Zakarpattia, Kyiv Polissya, and other regions on the sweatshirt by selecting embroidery patterns characteristic from each region. These patterns are filled with love and warmth. At the same time, they convey the timeless spirit of traditions and the present, where these traditions and connections are reborn and gain new strength and significance.

The limited UNITED drop by O.TAJE is available for purchase on the website starting from August 22nd. The brand will donate all the proceeds from its sales to the ongoing fundraising of the UNITED24 Foundation.

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