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O.TAJE presents an expressive drop dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine


Ukrainian brand of emotional knitwear just couldn’t stay away from the most important holiday of our time. Thus, we have created a thematic, soulful and expressive clothing capsule “This is our home”. The drop has absorbed all the love and pride that “Ukrainians feel for their home – our Ukraine. In search of inspiration, we thought about what makes us Ukrainians, what unites us so strongly and distinguishes us from other nations. We embodied the answers we found in the models of the new drop” says co-owner of the brand Anastasia Oksak. Family traditions and values have been in the first place among Ukrainians for centuries. Perhaps this fact has helped us to unite so tightly now. Close family ties were supported by family traditions. The well-being of the family and home, which we have always strived for and built together on our own, is now our main goal. This Ukrainian national character is chanted by the new capsule from O.TAJE. 

Of course, one of the most sacred, as well as the most famous in the world, is our tradition of embroidery. It was and still is not only an ornament but also a talisman. That is why the outfits from the new capsule, dedicated to our home, could not be left without elements made of decorative knitting, repeating the patterns of vyshyvanka. 

Thanks to the cultivation of our long-standing Ukrainian traditions, we remain one people. Yana Stetsenko, co-owner of the brand, has a personal example: “Our family really respects its own traditions. For example, we still use dishes painted in the family of my grandfather in the Poltava region. And I feel it not as a tribute to traditions, as say, but as true love. The warmth that my ancestors invested in this plate painting still warms me. This emotional connection through the generation is very important to save Ukraine. It makes you feel cozy and protected at home. And this house is actually all over Ukraine”. ​​By the way, on the photoset for the new drop, we used this family crockery, brought from the village of Opishnia, Poltava region, as props.

This special clothing capsule from the Ukrainian brand O.TAJE includes basic wardrobe items: dress, polo-jumper, skirt and trousers. In addition to the fact that the models can be combined in different combinations, creating their own expressive looks, it is worth saying that these are timeless clothes since its basic cut contains our own history.

The Zhadana dress has an elegant straight fit with moderate side slits. The turndown collar, cuffs and waistband are made in a knitting technique which simulates embroidery. National ornaments combined with tight fine monophonic knitting create a touching magical look. 

The Rada jumper-polo is also decorated with Ukrainian national patterns on the collar and cuffs. It is made with a simple loose fit and delicate fine knitting. In combination with Basic knitted pants in tone, forms a perfect strong outfit. The soft texture of the trousers model complements the graceful silhouette. The combination of a jumper with an Orysia skirt creates an exciting and delicate look, due to the beautiful shapes of the silhouette narrowed down and an elegant slit at the hem.

In general, the outfit embodies the comfort, beauty and peace of our home – native Ukraine. At home we are the strongest and happiest.

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