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Inception: O.TAJE” presents a special drop that will become a new beginning for the brand


The new season is a new big step for O.TAJE. The brand is introducing a special capsule that will symbolize a new beginning for the brand, its renovation. The Inception drop is an extension of the brand’s traditional knitwear line with additional viscose attires to completely cover the need for a full wardrobe, mixing knitwear with lightweight airy skirts and loose-fit trousers.

In the most challenging times, the dawn becomes a new hope for each of us. It inspired the brand team. Every new day, every dawn is a new beginning. An opportunity to evolve and change, to grow and become better, to start with a clean slate.


“This drop is very special for our team. It’s a new beginning for O.TAJE. While knitwear will always remain the basis of every collection and every drop, we have dared to experiment and expand our clothing line. We have created a new workshop where we will independently produce clothing in addition to knitwear. So that every O.TAJE customer could fully and qualitatively enrich their wardrobe, creating their perfect summer capsule collection with us. And every morning, preparing for a new day and deciding how you want to be today, you chose us” commented the brand’s founders, Anastasia Oksak and Yana Stetsenko.

The basis of the new O.TAJE drop is the brand’s traditional knitwear in new forms: concise ribbed maxi dresses with slits, elegant models with long sleeves and open backs, lightweight and semi-sheer knit minis, airy long sleeves tops, sets with a polo shirt and minimalist tops.

The highlight of the Inception is a sophisticated maxi dress with slits at the waist, a delicate V-neckline, and a flowing skirt.  In addition, the brand added to this drop feminine maxi-length skirts and comfortable, almost weightless trousers with a convenient elastic waistband.

This O.TAJE drop is about the light, a new beginning, and new hope that each dawn brings. This idea is also reflected in the color scheme of the drop: delicate blue, restrained beige, and lactic shades. For fans of the classics, the brand has replicated the items in black color.

The brand reflected the idea of the collection not only in the photo shoot but also infused a special meaning into each garment:  comfort, to feel free — to change freely, make decisions, live; the accurate cut, which gives confidence — the confidence to start, express oneself, be yourself; practicality – all drop items, both knitwear and the viscose novelties, are perfectly combined for harmonious and finished outfit.

The new O.TAJE Inception drop is now available on

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