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Ukrainian knitwear brand O.TAJE presented the first drop of the autumn 2022 collection, inspired by the taste of autumn, which is appearing in the air. Feeling cozy and being visible is the mindset that the brand is broadcasting to its customers this season. 

The drop combines the calmness of September twilight and the bright colors that nature wears in autumn. We are not inclined to miss the passing summer. Because we are waiting for various colors, tart and sweet aromas in the transparent air, magical sounds and tastes of Ukrainian autumn. This abundance embodies the new arrival from O.TAJE. So the drop turned out calm, cozy and full of flaming colors. According to O.TAJE, this autumn’s palette includes basic shades enhanced by deep khaki, bright pistachio and fuchsia. We don’t say goodbye to summer but continue our dance into autumn. We mix summer and autumn colors, creating an unforgettable style, drawing a unique world of femininity.

The drop included a pleated skirt above the knee and 3 midi and maxi length dresses. Also in the collection are several sets with skirts, one of which is decorated with complex knitting reminiscent of heads of grain, the second is made with a slit that can be adjusted independently, and a suit with soft trousers. All outfits from O.TAJE’s first fall collection are created in a recognizable style – light, basic silhouettes decorated with atypical cuts.

You can diversify your wardrobe with such autumn new items from O.TAJE as bright textured tops, overalls in black or fuchsia, and a loose-fitting shirt with matching trousers. The drop also includes striped models that have become the undeniable trend of this season – a jumper and a cardigan. The last one has accent gold buttons, symbolizing the golden Ukrainian autumn.

From season to season, the O.TAJE brand doesn’t deviate from its basic concept – it creates a universal, comfortable, but not typical base, always distinguished by original details and accents.The first autumn drop of the Ukrainian brand is already available on

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